Puttovr NTP Proximity Markers. Why every club should be using them.


Because they:

  • Hold flat down into the green.
  • Allow balls to be putt straight over the top.
  • Make no deflection to the roll of ball.
  • Improve speed of play.
  • Are easily identifiable on the green.
  • Generate revenue for your club $$$.
  • Are constructed from 303 stainless steel.
  • Securely store away in the name plate.


Puttovr NTP markers are a great choice for your club. They immediately pay for themselves by instantly creating revenue for your club. For example:

Mathew the owner of the local bakery purchases 35mm stickers with his business logo and applies them onto the PUTTOVR markers. These markers are used on six holes on every golf competition day. Every golfer views the position of the marker, in turn every golfer looks at Mathew's bakery logo. Mathew pays a fee to the golf club for his advertising.


Advertising stickers are easily removed and reapplied to allow for corporate and special function days including:

  • Holden Scramble
  • Pink Ribbon Day
  • Anzac Day 


Golfers love Puttovr NTP Markers because-

  • Their cleverly engineered form pushes flat and holds securely down into the green, allowing putts, chips and tee shots to roll perfectly over the top.
  • They clearly identify the position of the closest to the pin location.
  • When removed they leave no indentation in the green.


Puttovr NTP markers are designed to be used with tape measures and proximity name plates. For example:

Paul walks onto the green thinking he has won the nearest the pin. But he's not 100% sure, so he marks his ball and uses the flag stick to measure the distance. In some other clubs he would use a tape measure to check the distance. With Puttovr NTP markers, Paul knows in an instant if he is closer or not. If it's a matter of mm's Paul then uses the tape and has an accurate measurement. Puttovr NTP Markers offer a massive improvement to the speed of play.

Puttovr NTP Markers have been designed to push into your clubs name plate. Once you receive your Puttovr NTP Markers, simply install a 1/8th rubber grommet into your clubs name plate and your markers will be safely and securely stored when not in play (as seen in images).


10 x Puttovr NTP Proximity Markers


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