One sunny Alice Springs morning on the first green I found myself rifling through my pockets, looking for anything to mark my ball with. As my regular playing group watched on impatiently, I realised I'd left my marker in my golf bag yet again!


It was then an idea came to me and that afternoon in my garden shed grinder in one hand, construction bolt in the other, my first unlosable prototype ball marker took shape. 


Within a few months I had designed a marker that sat perfectly in the hole in the end of my putter grip, never to fall out and always there at the ready. It meant that whenever I had my putter in my hand I also had my marker.




Shortly after testing my prototype I found myself watching two golfers, arguing over a 2 shot penalty. One player had penalised the other for improper movement and replacement of his marker, after being asked to move it out of the way of a fellow player’s putting line. (Golfing Rule 20-7).


So that afternoon, I was back in my garden shed and decided to add a chamfered sloping edge to my marker. This enabled it to hold firmly down into the green, allowing a player to leave their marker on a partner’s putting line. Balls could now easily roll over the top without any interference to the roll of the ball, while also eliminating unnecessary procedures and disputes concerning a marker’s re-placement.

It wasn’t long before my playing partners and many in the club were using my markers. 

In October 2017, I entered my Puttovr marker and won the 'Shark Tank’ Innovation Competition run by the NT Government, and was awarded a major grant under the Northern Territory Government's Business Innovation Support Initiative. This was the kick-start to globally launch my now named 'PuttOvr' markers. 

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